Step by step guide to trimming your dogs nails

  • Handle your dogs paws often and introduce the clippers frequently. (without cutting). Use lots of praise and delicious treats. Use a quality pair of clippers. Usually cost around £8+
  • Hold your dogs paw firmly but gently. Cut the nail below the quick at a 45 degree angle, taking off small amounts at a time.
  • Light coloured nails are easier as you can see the quick. Keep trimming until your close to the quick (pink vein). Black nails are harder as you cant see the quick, however, just keep trimming abit at a time until you see the white dot in the centre of the nail and then stop. If you go further the nail will bleed. If this does happen, don’t panic, but best to get some styptic powder ready to stop the bleeding, as there will be blood everywhere! Gently dab some powder on the end of a cotton bud and hold firmly against the bleeding nail for about 30 seconds. This will stop the bleeding.

Dogs nails need trimming at at least every 12 weeks.

I do offer a nail clipping only service at a cost of £10.

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