Clipping - Styling your dog’s coat by clipping is popular for all breeds. We can clip according to your requirements. Each clip style will be tidied up with the scissors to give even cleaner finish. We recommend a ‘clipped’ every 6-8 weeks with the owner brushing regularly in between visits.

Scissoring - Scissoring is a specialist technique needing an expert hand, shaping and sculpturing the coat in to your desired style. Compared to clipping, scissoring is a time consuming procedure which can reflect in the price. Ideal for curly coats, such as Poodles, Bichon Frise and cross breeds we recommend a ‘scissored’ very 3-4 weeks with the owner brushing regularly in between visits.

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A collection and delivery service is also available upon request within the Stourbridge area.

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Dog Grooming Prices

As our dog grooming services are tailored for each individual dog, we don’t advertise prices on our website but we can give you a quote as soon as you’ve contacted us.