Health Check

All of our canine grooming equipment and tools are of professional-salon standard. Your dog’s welfare is our number one priority, so no matter how well we already know him or her, we will always carry out a health check at each grooming session, looking for any common ‘dog’ issues such as signs of allergies or eczema or any specific issues common to your dogs breed. If flea or tick treatment bathing is required we’ll contact you about it first before starting treatment. We’ll advise you quickly of anything that needs your (or your vets) attention.


Our Checks Include

Checking for skin conditions, lumps, warts,
wounds, fleas, ticks and infections

Checking for odour, excessive wax, discharge, infections, ear mites & ticks

Checking for irritation, dryness, ulcers, cloudiness and foreign bodies

Checking for severe tartar, infection, infection, swellings and loose teeth

Checking if glands are full and require expressing, noting infections or abscesses

Our Groomers 5 star check does not replace a veterinary health check. We observe not diagnose.

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Ensure your dog gets the 5-star attention it deserves.
A collection and delivery service is also available upon request within the Stourbridge area.

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Dog Grooming Prices

As our dog grooming services are tailored for each individual dog, we don’t advertise prices on our website but we can give you a quote as soon as you’ve contacted us.